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In Episode 17 of the Men Healing podcast, I interview Stephen from Pittsburgh, PA. He bravely shares with us his sexual abuse history from multiple perpetrators and articulates well how creativity in music and writing has enabled healing in his life. Thank you for listening and for your continued support. 


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In Episode 16 of Men Healing podcast, I had the pleasure to interview Dr. Howard Fradkin, co-founder of Male Survivor and co-chair of the wonderful Weekends of Recovery program. We discuss his experience with the 200 Men Oprah Shows and his new book that will be released in Autumn 2012, 'Joining Forces: Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive'. Dr. Fradkin has some excellent things to say and great words of encouragement for listeners. He also provides some good info for men looking for growth and healing opportunities. Thanks for listening and your support!

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-Dr. Fradkin's book on Amazon for pre-order:



-Weekend of Recovery program:

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In Episode 15 of the Men Healing podcast, I interview John, from Toronto, Canada, a fellow male survivor I met through our men's support group. He speaks openly about his abuse experience and how a third person walked in and witnessed it happening, but did quite the opposite to what they should have done. We also discuss his coping mechanism of constantly shutting down and the shame that he is successfully letting go of. Thank you for listening. 

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Mike Lew's counselling:

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In Episode 14, I read my letter to my abuser which was a writing exercise I complete while working through the Courage to Heal workbook. This episode of Men Healing may trigger you and your anger or feelings toward your abuser(s), so please ensure you have a support person or two in place before listening in case it becomes a difficult listen for you. Thanks, Jamie

Resource: the Courage to Heal workbook by Laura Davis

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In Episode 13, I interview Jordan in Toronto and we discuss his troubled upbringing, sexual abuse and resulting coping mechanisms that he put in place to survive: lying, drug abuse, cutting and prostitution. He then talks about his great journey of recovery and how the support of other male survivors has helped him become the man he is today. 

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- Lynne MacDonell (online men's support group for male survivors):

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In Episode 12, I interview Jim, and we talk about secrets, Weekend of Recovery, stunted growth and no turning back. As this episode is a bit longer than usual, the resources segment of the podcast has not been included. Thanks for listening! -Jamie

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In Episode 11, Chris - from Toronto, ON - discusses his struggles with confidence and intimacy, among other things, while also giving listeners a positive spin by conversing about recovery and gratitude. A laid back, honest conversation that I hope you find helpful. Thanks for listening! 

Resources mentioned

Allies in Healing by Laura Davis:

Male Survivor Weekend of Recovery:

Happy Tapper's Gratitude Journal:

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In Episode 10 of Men Healing, Lynne MacDonell of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, speaks from her years of experience helping male survivors of sexual abuse. We discusse the common themes of shame and trust issues among men who have been abused and we also talk about her wonderful online services for male survivors: online men's group therapy and individual sessions. Thanks for listening and please contact Lynne or myself if you need more information or would like to participate in her online therapy services. 

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Lynne's website:

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In Episode 9 of Men Healing (I mistakenly stated Ep 8), I interview Tony from Quebec, Canada. We had an excellent, candid conversation about sexuality, Penn State and our struggle with seeing things only in black and white. Thank you for listening!

Resources mentioned:

Community Justice Initiatives

Betrayed Boys:

Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean:

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I have asked Grant back for another interview where we discuss procrastination, negative self-talk and keeping things in perspective. Thanks for listening! 

Resources mentioned: and 


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